First Time

Josh Colclough

When I first got into playing football I was nervous, and didn't really want to play and didn't wasn't to meet new people. I got into playing football because I used to watch games at the Boys and Girls club all the time. So after a while I just wanted to try it to see how I liked it. My first hit wasn't all that good because it was my first year and I was soft. After winning our first game in my whole football season I was excited. I loved the feel of winning and wanted it to keep happening. After that first win I liked playing football. I played for the Vikings at the Boys and Girls club. I played on the line because I wasn't that athletic. Playing with the team for so long I got to know my teammates and coaches. After winning a lot of our games we made it to the championship game. It was the bulldogs against the Vikings. But after all that hard work and practices we still lost the game. I really do not remember the score. So ever since I was about 9 years old I have loved playing football and have been playing ever since