Roman-Name Mercury

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Messenger of the gods

The Roman God of travelers and merchants, renowned for his skills.

  • god of commerce
  • god of wrestling
  • god of gymnastics

Symbols of Hermes/Mercury

  • Winged cap
  • Winged shoes
  • Rod rapped around with two serpents

Character Traits

  • Brave for he stood up for people and did crazy things
  • Smart for he understood consequences of his action
  • Helpful for he helped people and travelers


  • Son of Jupiter(the chief of roman gods) (Zeus)
  • Son of Maia(one of the seven daughters of atlas)
  • Husband of Juno


Good with Business

Athleticism for he could run

Good connections with people


  • Thievery
  • Staying still for that makes him an easier target
  • Lying and deceitful

Interesting Facts

He was skilled in many ways and could get away with it and make a fair trade.

Left gifts for people and they would know it was him.

He was a god of anything requiring skill and dexterity.

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