The Trail Of Jackson

Hannah Gabaldon

Spoils System

When a candidate becomes the new president they might be a republican or federalist. If they are the opposite as the president before them they would most likely replace the people who worked there. They can give supporters, friends, or relatives a job in the government. Jobs such as security may stay.

Nullification Crisis

The southern region was upset about tariffs. It also known as the "Tariff of Abomination."

South Carolina threaten to secede from the U.S. to stop tariffs. South and the U.S. made a deal that if the U.S. lowers the tariff Jackson would use the president veto to cancel national bank.

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The trail of tears

soldiers forced Cherokee out of their homeland, Georgia, and move them to Oklahoma. some rode on horses or mules but most walked. They wouldn't get enough food or water so most people died. Every few stops the soldiers would leave the bodies in the trail.

Editor letters


My tribe and I have been walking for days. Soldiers forced us out of our home back in Georgia. They say that Oklahoma is better and that we'll be happy there but I have a feeling that their lying. We have very little food and water and my people are getting weak. We only have a few horses and mules, but they carry our stuff. I lost my friend today. I saw a soldier drag his bodyon the side and I was forced to keep walking.

Plantation Owner~Positive~

My family and I have a plantation farm. A few weeks ago there was a drought. Most of our crops died and all we have left is dead plant everywhere. I heard that Jackson is moving the Cheokee from Georgia to Oklahoma. Georgia has good soil for farming and some people found gold! Thanks to Jackson my family and I are saved.

Political cartoon

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