The pot just got a LOT sweeter

Call me Crazy, but I think you would be so good at this!

Here is the breakdown of the EASY way to "try on this company", and earn over $1350 in free accessories plus $500+ in commission.

$450 in FREE accessories from our New Stylist Sign Up Special (October Only)
$250 for Hosting your own trunk show
$300 in FREE accessories (through our Jump Start program)
$350 in FREE accessories (through our WRAP UP YOUR SEASON incentive)
$500 in commissions if ALL you did was TWO average trunk shows

So, by "trying on this business" at a couple of trunk are going to end up with $1350 in fabulous accessories...and your investment back plus commissions in your pocket for the holiday season!

Call me CRAZY...but if you were EVER going to give it a's your time!

The $450 sign up special expires October 31st!

If you have any additional questions I would love to talk to you and answer any questions you have! What is the worst that can happen?