Genetic Technology Project.

By Breanna Reeves.

Personal DNA Testing

In This Video I Learned That single-nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs) Is Any Position In That Geno. Nearly All Our DNA Is The Same, But There Is About 3 million spots where there could be a single letter difference. Each Of those Spots Is A SNP. Those Variations are What Makes Us Different. I Do Believe That the SNP Helps Bring our differences to show so we dont have the same hair , the same body weight, or the same face. Those Letters Help Make Our bodys have different appearances inside and out. It Also exposes some people to Certain Diseases. If you have the same letters in the same place as the people with those diseases your more likely to get those diseases. There Are Pictures Below That De-pict How SNP Works And How Your Different ,yet alike.

Is This Good Technology or not ?

Yes, i do belive that it is good technology and it is nessacary to keep it in our world today. It shows that if we have one little letter difference we could be more likely to get a diseas like diabetes and other genetic disorders. & It can Make us have completely different apperences. So there for i do believe this is good technology and we should keep it .