Contests and Programs

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2018-19 CBA and JBA Voting Parties

  • Students must read 3 books in either the 2018-19 Children's Book Award or 2018-19 Junior's Book Award nominees list. (Students may complete 6 books for both parties.)
  • Students must answer the book questions correctly.
  • All questions are due by February 15th.
  • Questions can be found on my website. (See bottom tabs on the Home Page.)
  • Books are in print, ebook, and audio format!
  • Click the link below to see all nominees!

Putt-Putt Celebration & Reading Challenge

Students who read 8 CBA or JBA titles and complete the questions correctly by MARCH 29, are invited to play Putt-Putt in the library!

National Read Across America Week & Dr. Seuss Week

Bookmark Challenge

  • Create your own bookmark that shows your love of reading. The top 5 bookmarks will be selected and copied to share with students who visit the library!

Door Decorations

  • Decorate your classroom door to show your love of reading!

More information will be shared with classes as they visit the library!