Research info graphic

Dylan Simmers

How to gather relevant information

  • you could go to the mid continent webpages (the card number is 2000 500 114 9413)
  • go to explora
  • be sure that you can site the webpage

How to use search terms

  • use key words
  • don't type in a whole question in the search bar

How to decide whether a website or resource is credible and accurate

  • think about the author
  • look at the URL (.com vs .edu etc.)
  • sponsors
  • adds etc.

the difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

  • quoting is citing information within what your writing without giving links
  • paraphrasing is putting information in your own words still giving links to the original information
  • summarizing is putting all the information in a short paragraph

What plagiarism is and how to avoid it

  • plagiarism is stealing someones ideas
  • all you have to do to avoid it is cite your work

What an MLA citation is

  • An MLA citation is where the website you get your information from give an easy way to cite your work