Perseverance Infographic

By: Daniel Boldt

The Steps That Virginia Reed Had to Take to Overcome Their Adversity

Virginia Reed is known as one of the most strongest people from the Donner Party, but she had adversity's just like everybody else did. The biggest adversity that she had to deal with was ultimately the many deaths of close friends and family members along the way. There is not much that anybody can do to get past these situations. Virginia Reed took baby steps to get past this adversity, and in the end, it may have made her live longer. The only way that she could get past this is by loving the people that she still had around her, which shows that she was a very strong person.

The Problem Louis XVIII Had That Impacted The World

King Louis XVIII became king of France when Napoleon lost power. During the year 1815, he lost power when Napoleon returned. He won back the throne from Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo. His mission was to get rid of everything that was changed during the years of the French Revolution. By doing so, King Louis XVIII helped make the government change in France, making it what it is today, a republic.

Michael J. Fox's Road To Perseverance

Michael J. Fox is famous for so many things in his career, but his road to perseverance wasn't easy. Michael J. Fox was born in Canada in 1961. He is known for his many roles in movies and TV shows, including "Family Ties" (1982-1989), and the well known trilogy "Back to the Future"(1985-1989-1990). Sadly, in the year 1991, he was diagnosed with Parkinson disease, but he didn't let that stop him. He speaks out to the world about Parkinson's so that one day there might be a cure. He also was married to Tracy Pollan in 1988. Michael J. Fox is well known for many things, but the one thing he is known most for is his unlimited supply of perseverance.

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