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Afternoon Analytics

Digital Annexe is a team of creative people committed to learning new technologies and building innovative ideas. Since our birth in 2006 we have been in the business of delivering real results for the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Massey Ferguson, Laura Ashley, IJP, British Gypsum and many more. Everything we do is based on insight; we understand consumer behaviour and work collaboratively with our clients to build solutions which give real value and deliver real results.

Afternoon Analytics

Friday, Jan. 24th, 2-4pm

4-5 Bonhill Street


Free to Attend. Come, Learn and Enjoy

  • The framework to get education about innovative analytics tactics;
  • What, How and why about right analytics;
  • The best way to get actionable insight from tons of data in your systems;
  • Discover the ways to convert non-converting traffic;
  • ‘How to’ about conversion Optimisation; and
  • How to crack ‘Social Media Analytics’.
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