Web Cookies

The good and the bad about the biscuits

What's good about cookies?

Cookies are small files that get downloaded onto your computers when you first enter any major website (google.co.uk, amazon.co.uk etc.). They contain information that is meant to 'make your internet experience more convenient'. This can be from already being logged in when you enter a website to personalising adverts from sites or web searches you've previously been on.

They can be great to the average user, because they can help you to have an easier time while on the world wide web, by just making everything more streamlined.

So what about them can be bad?

The problem with cookies has many different factors. One of the biggest faults people find with cookies is that most people don't even know they have them. They get automatically downloaded onto your PC, which could potentially take up important space in your storage. Many people see this as an invasion of their space.

Another problem lies with the information that they store. Cookies take information like your web searches, your username and even your real name. It's pretty sly, because all this information used to be stored without warning - however times have changed, the permission is usually hidden within the T&Cs.

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