Three Elements of Crime

Andrew Ha

Awareness of Duty

Definition: People must be aware when they are supposed to do something or not do something in this case the law.

Characteristics: Will determine how a legal system proceeds.

Example: A person can not say they are innocent from murdering someone because they didn't know that was the law.

Violation of Duty

Definition: If you were to break the law or do something you shouldn't have done you have violated your duty and will be punished.

Characteristics: Is usually Unspoken, Very important in determining the outcome of a trial

Example:When a police officer see someones speeding 20 miles above the speed limit and does not pull them over they are violating their duty.

Criminal Intent

Definition: Described as the persons mindset when committing the crime

Characteristics: Mainly used in civil cases, can be used to determine someone guilty or innocent.

Examples:When bob was rushing to work and ran a red light on purpose it was considered intentional.

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