Daisy Troop 2220

Next Meeting is Friday, January 15, 2015

Hi, Everyone. Lots of information to share here, so please take a few minutes to read through and respond accordingly. We look forward to seeing the girls on January 15th!

Cookies pre-sales are underway!

Hopefully, all of the girls are having some success selling cookies using their order forms. If you or they have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Here are some things to keep in mind.
  • Cookies pre-sale ends January 24. I will need to collect all of your order forms by January 27th so I can place the order with the warehouse.
  • Online cookie sales begin on February 1. Each girl will get their own page.
  • Stacy will pick up our cookies from the warehouse around Feb 15th. When they come in, cookies can be picked up at her house. More to come on that.
  • Booth Sales begin on February 19th. We will be on the sign up web site at 6 a.m. Feb 1 to try to get us a decent location. More to come on this as well.

Previous Meeting: Using Resources Wisely - Please iron on the clover petal

Petal: At the last meeting the girl's earned their petal that represents using resources wisely. It is the dark green petal (clover). During the meeting the girls heard the story featuring Clover, "A visit to the Busy, Buzzy Bees." Next, they had the opportunity to personalize snowflake ornaments that they gave to Horizon Bay for their tree as a thank you for letting us use their facility. They also decorated a canvas bag for them to bring home and use. Hopefully the canvas bags and their holiday gifts made it home.

Fun Patch: Two of our girls received their birthday fun patch! Please iron that on for Miranda and Alexa. Hopefully they are iron on. (From Stacy: I have come to find out that some of the fun patches are not the iron on kind. For those of you like me that are repelled by the idea of sewing, I will get some of that iron on paper that they sell at the Girl Scout store next time I make it up there. Sorry about that!)

Next Meeting: Considerate and Caring

During the next meeting the we will read a story about Zinni, "The Art of Sharing." In addition to the activity that is currently being planned, we will make our first SWAPS. SWAPS are small crafts that can be pinned to SWAPS hats each Daisy will have. Our troop will trade SWAPS with other troops at Daisy Day on Feb 13th. The continue to collect these through the years.

Daisy Day is Saturday, February 13th. Please read!

Daisy Day is a day when the area Daisies get together to from 9 am - 2:30 pm at one of the Girl Scout Campgrounds, Camp Dorothy Thomas in Riverview. Starting in 2nd Grade the girls have the opportunity to go to Encampment, so this for the Daisies to get a feel for what they would do at Encampment, but without staying over -- an introduction to camping and the outdoors. There will be a series of activities that Cadettes will run that our girls will rotate through. During lunch they will exchange SWAPS with the other troops.

We need to respond to the Council with our registration by Feb 1. So I need to know if your daughter will be attending. If so, there are a few forms that need to be in place. Most of you have already done your Health and Permission forms so it will likely be on additional form. Whatever is required from you, I will send home through your child's classroom next week. Please send it back with the completed form(s) if they plan to attend. If they cannot make it, please just send an email to Stacy. RSVP and forms are needed by January 25.

When I know who is going I will send out a summary of what the girls should bring with them.

If you plan to attend...
We invite you to join us to help monitor the girls and assist with the activities as needed (and keep them on task). All adults that would like to attend need to have completed a Girl Scout registration (including background check). FYI, this will be the same for anyone that wants to volunteer for the cookie booth. To date, we have two Moms that are on file. Please RSVP yourself and complete the following if you would like to go.

Adult Volunteer Application: http://www.gswcf.org/en/volunteers/why-volunteer.html

Key Dates

October 9 - Troop Meeting: Amazing Daisy (Julie Norton)
November 13 - Troop Meeting: Honest & Fair - (Erin Markiewicz)
December 11 - Troop Meeting: Using Resources Wisely - (Julie Norton)
January 4 - Cookie Pre-sales begin
January 15 - Troop Meeting: Considerate & Caring - (Shannon Eichberg)
January 24 - End of Cookie Pre-sales. Order forms submitted.
February 1 - Digital Cookie Sales Begin
February 12 - Troop Meeting: Make the World a Better Place - (Whitney Henry)
February 13 - Daisy Day!
February 15 - Cookies come in for delivery
February 19 - Cookie booth sales begin (specific date for us to come)
March 4 - Troop Meeting: Respect Others & Myself - (Helen Hughes)
March 6 - Sweetheart Dance
March 15 - All cookie money due
April 15 - Troop Meeting: Friendly & Helpful - (Carrie Gilbert Cavalino)
May 13- Troop Meeting: Courageous & Strong - (OPEN)
June 3 - Party - TBD


Stacy Bogle and Neely Jeckel

Save the date for the Sweetheart Dance, Sunday March 6!