It's Caitlin Mann


I'm trained and ready to work!

I have been trained by the Red Cross in CPR and other life saving techniques. I have plenty of experience including working at my churches' Bible school over the summer and working in the church nursery on Sundays . Also I have worked at a Girl Scout day camp with young children. I go to Brookside Intermediate School and I am in 8th grade. While at Brookside I received the Bulldog award, an award given out to only 10 people in the whole grade for good behavior, no tardy's and no detentions. I enjoy kids a lot.

When I can work

During school weeks I can work as long as the job ends at 7pm. On the weekends and during the summer I can work till midnight though. During the summer there are only a few weeks I can not work because of prior commitments but i can still work till midnight. I will try to be as flexible as possible and not book my summer up too much so I can babysit your kids! I charge $7 an hour. I am unavailable on Tuesday nights due to volleyball and dance.