News from Class 3

Newsletter #26

News from the Classroom

During this past week, we worked on counting money, and the children learned about the value of each coin. We tend to take for granted how much we know about money, and the value of currency, so it was fun to witness the students learning about something that they see in their lives, every day.

This coming week we will work on exchanging money. I will set up a “pretend" store, where the class will have a chance to learn how to make change.

Thank you to all of you that attended the Parent evening. For those of you who were unable to attend, here are some details:

After spring break, the students will be asked to make a Shelter project at home. They are to bring this portable assignment into the classroom 3 weeks after the assignment is given. The Shelter project is for the student, alone, to create and produce. Please don’t help. Students will be asked to gather organic materials, and not to use any kits to complete this project. More information will follow.

Also, I had posed a question about our 3rd grade class building project. Typically, a third grade class builds something together, to give to the school. However, we are in a peculiar situation where we are only on this campus for one more year. Because our space is limited, and shared with 5 other classes, building a large permanent shelter is out of the question. I also am very aware that our parent body is 98% duel working families. Therefore, volunteer availability is limited. I will need some parents that are able to help with this 3 week long project, and I am asking all of you for your thoughts on what we could have the students make, within that timeframe. If you have any ideas and/or are willing to help, please send me an email. One thought was a willow tunnel along the south side fence of the play yard. Another idea was a small home for a homeless person in Santa Rosa.

On Wednesday, your children will have a vision screening.

All auction items are due in the office by Friday, March 25th! Thank you for donating your expected amount of at least $150 worth of goods or product. Kristie and Ana are collecting $10 from each family for our class basket. There is an envelope in the office where you can put your money.

Thank you to all the families that have pledged and paid their donation. I am so proud to say that we are the highest pledged class in the school. We are committed, and because of your commitment, you demonstrate to all that our school is important, and that all of our programs are important, and that you believe that it takes a community to support all that your students receive.

Thank you!

School Store Friday 3/25

This Friday the 3rd grade students will open a school store to sell their handmade wears to the 4th grade class. They are being asked to make 5 items to sell. These items will be valued between 10 cents and 50 cents.

I would also like the students to bring in $1.00 in change, so that they too, can purchase an item, or two, from our store.


There has been some questions regarding our music program, and what is expected over the summer. Ms. Albers wants to make sure that you know that music is to continue throughout the summer. It is expected that every child entering 4th grade will practice their music on a daily bases. If you have any questions please email Cynthia Albers.

Happy Easter, have a restful and enjoyable break!