East Jordan Elementary News

November 13, 2015

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Measure of Academic Test (MAP Test)

Students at East Jordan Elementary School, kindergarten through 6th grade, will be taking the MAP test in the next three weeks. Each student kindergarten through 2nd grade will be measured in reading and math. Students in 3rd through 6th grade will be measured in reading, writing and math. MAP stands for Measure of Academic Progress. The MAP test is a test that your child will take on the computer to measure their academic progress. These tests are unique because they are adaptive. Adaptive tests become more difficult the more questions that are answered correctly. When a question is incorrectly answered, the test becomes easier. Therefore each child will take a test specifically created for his or her learning level. MAP tests are reported in RIT scores. This is a different type of score than a typical test that provides a percentage correct. Instead, a RIT score is an equal-interval scale, like feet and inches that is independent of grade level. As a result, we can easily measure growth in learning. This type of score increases the value of the test as a tool to improve student learning because it enables teachers to recognize where to focus attention for your child's learning.

The MAP test occurs three times per year in the fall, winter and spring. Your child's results will be shared with you in a timely manner. On Monday, we will begin with our 6th grade students. A schedule of testing times will be sent home Monday for K-5th grade students.

Teach Children to Save Program

Students, kindergarten through 6th grade, participated in The Teach Children to Save program on November 10th. This nationally recognized program organized volunteers to help young people develop a savings habit early in life. This was a very fun, interactive and age appropriate curriculum for children. Forty-eight Huntington Bank volunteers visited our school to demonstrate their community commitment by using their real-world banking knowledge to help children understand how money works, and to encourage them to start saving at a young age. We were very thankful for this opportunity at East Jordan Elementary.

Veteran's Day

East Jordan area Veterans had a flag raising ceremony on Veteran’s Day. The event was organized by AmeriCorps member Donna Waters and included members from the American Legion and VFW in East Jordan.

Elementary school students also wrote letters to veterans at the local VFW and American Legion in East Jordan. Many of these veterans were so touched by these letters they called the school, wrote return letters and even visited our students at school. This was a great opportunity to connect the school and community.

No School- November 25-27