my future

career development period 6, ethan crow

Left or Right brained

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My personality

my personality is orange. this means that i do not like rules, im action oriented, charming and spontaneaus.
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personality letters

E-focused on the world and things

S-focus on the present

F-make decisions on values

J-like planned and organized approach to life

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i am a ambivert

this mean that i can connect with both introverts and extroverts, because i have qualities of both of them.
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kuder test results

my top 3 job cluster/type results were,performing arts, visual arts, and audio and video technologie.
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top 3 career choices

  1. lawyer
  2. athletic trainer
  3. computer info research


represent clients in legal matters, draw up legal documents, advise clients in legal procedings.
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athletic trainer

lead excercises, teach injury preventment, determine if an athlete is healthy.
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computer information research

fix hardware and software problems, create and apply new technologie, create math models of problems, make computer programs.
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i am motivaated by knowing that i will feel a sense of accomplishment and worth after i finish whatever i am doing. also, i am stressed out by having to do a lot of differetn things, or having a lot to do. i am also motivated by knowing that even if there are obstacles, i can over come them and will feel accomplished after i do.
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my colors

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college i would like to go to

i would like to go to the ohio state univerisity. i want to major in law and play football there. another reason i would like to go there is because the tuition is fairly cheap. it is located in cloumbus ohio, and the tuition for each year full time is $10,037.
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high school i will be attending.

i will be attending bentonville high school(BHS). I will graduate may 23, 2020.
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budget and savings.

with the budget i have, i will need to make an anual salary of $84,292. 8my annual expenses will be $63,857, and taxes of 32% which would be $20,434. my monthly expenses would be $5,321.
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job licence plates

this plate represent my job by showing the name of it (lawyer) spelled in a creative way, and having pictures that show things related to lawyers.