By: Katya Heredia

What It Is

Bullying that takes place using electronic technology.

Facts & Statistics

  • Can lead to anxiety, depression, and suicide
  • More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats online
  • Fewer than 1 in 5 cyber bullying incidents are reported to law enforcement


  • Mean texts or emails
  • Rumors started through email or social media
  • Embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles


  • Parents, be aware of what is being done online by your child
  • Parents, establish rules
  • Parents and children, understand school rules


  1. Don't respond to bullying
  2. Keep and collect evidence of the bullying
  3. Report to web and cell phone service providers or law enforcement
  4. Block bully

Something Extra

If you or someone you know is being bullied in anyway and need help, be the one to help yourself or someone else. Being a victim of bullying is hard and any support can make a difference.