By: Amarion


Their fast! Their roarless and they live in Africa. They have spots and their mammals. What are these fascinating creatures? Are they big or small? Oh yeah there cheetahs!


The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. There are two species of cheetahs, theirs the African cheetah and the Asian cheetah. Most of them live in Africa. They were once common throughout large areas in Asia. The spots on a cheetah helps it camouflage when it’s trying to catch it’s pray. “One sure way to recognize a cheetah is buy the long, black lines that run from the corner of each eye down the mouth. These stripes are called “tear lines”. Scientist believe that the dark help protect the cheetahs eyes from the glaring African sun.

Built for speed!

. The male cheetah runs faster than the female cheetah. A normal cheetah runs about 60 to 70 miles per hour, that’s pretty fast. “With their long powerful legs, a cheetah can cover up to 20ft in one stride. Its backbone is very flexible, working almost like a giant spring to push the cheetah along. When the cheetah catches it’s pray if the animal doesn’t outsmart the cheetah then it will be the end for that animal. Sometimes other animal outsmart the cheetah. A cheetah can only run for 6 to 5 minutes before they get tired.

What’s on the menu?

A cheetah when it eats its food it claps its mouth around theirs prays windpipe so with thin 5 to 6 minute the animal would die. A cheetah isn’t strong enough to take its food somewhere safe, it eats right there in the open, an enemy could kill or take the food away from the cheetah any time, that’s why they eat fast. Cheetahs eat antelope, impalas, hares, and gazelles.


A female cheetah has three to five babies. A group of babies are called litters, “After mating the male leaves.” When baby cheetahs are born they are blind and they have a white mane around their neck and down their back but scientist think that “It may also make the babies look a bit like a honey badger one of the fieriest animals on the savanna.” Their mom teaches them how to hunt their own food. The litter stays with their mom for fifteen mouths, soon the mom leaves them, A girl cheetah will go one way and the boy cheetah may stay together if their a group of brothers or go different ways.


A cheetah has lots of enemies their enemies are lions, leopards, hyenas, and vultures, vulture once were chough carrying off baby cheetahs. Remember when I told you cheetahs eat right in the open, well sometime lions, leopards, or hyenas kill cheetahs when they eat in the open when they have a chance or the cheetah will see them and they’ll let them have their food and go home hungry, sometimes the enemy what’s to eat the cheetah and they chase the cheetah and when the cheetah gets tired they start to slow down and then soon the enemy gets them. There are only 2 billion cheetahs left in the world and it’s quickly dropping, people sometime kill cheetahs for their skin or they’ll try to tam the cheetahs so they can hunt for their owner’s food. We should help cheetahs, save cheetah, these are the one and only cheetahs.