Weekly Update

for the week of December 14, 21015

December Birthday's

  • Cindy Hanewald
  • Sandra Kahn
  • Jill Smith
  • Anne Buckalew
  • Kristen Hancock
If you know of other, please share with. me so we can celebrate

Kindergarten changes

Most of you have seen the email from Dana Shue stating her decision to take the remainder of the school year to be with Bennett. We are excited that she is able to make this work and spend time with her child.

We are also excited that Stacey Girbach will stay on for the remainder of the year. Stacey has been working hard and this will be a seamless transition for her and the students. Stacey will continue as an employee of PESG.

CIA Reports

I will send an email with three report outlines that I will take to CIA on Wednesday. Mrs. Vannatter asked me to bring a status/update for the Leader in Me, Read Well, and eSpark. I am asking that you review the outline and give me any information that you feel is missing. I know very little about eSpark and any additional information is welcome. I do have the email from Sara S and Melissa from Sept 2014 that I will bring and the information that Kathy shared with me from Martin Weiland our rep for Read Well. I am also contacting him to find out is we truly have 223 open slots for Ticket to Read. I do not believe they have been paid, but if I find out that are available, I will start with the classes not currently using eSpark. I do also want as much support for the struggling third and fourth-grade students to fill the gap.

Principal Advisory Notes

Principal’s Advisory

December 10, 2015 7:45 – 8:05 a.m.

Attending: Karin Villarreal, Pat Merrill, Ron Tindall, Sharon Haeussler


  • Senior citizen luncheon went well, 110-120 people attended.

  • PTO and the office tried to get the info out the best they could. It is thought that most churches let people know, but will check on it. I an idea was suggested to get included on the publicity for Christmas in the Village. Another idea was to have students personally invite people in their neighborhood, etc.

  • Google form to debrief the day will be sent out by Karin, please make your comments.

  • The breakdown of jobs seemed to go well. A need for better understanding of where to go in the building and what to show the guests because some kids went too quickly with their tour. Overall the leader jobs went well.

  • how can we include the building with this event?

Safety Patrol: Karin asked if there would be anyone interested in doing this? Decided at the meeting to leave it to leadership opportunities. We don't really need the safety patrol program. Karin got the info from AAA and we would have to pay to be part of the program. Safety Patrol is not tied into any other grant, etc.

Karin is putting a report together for CIA next week and will be sent it out to everyone to read. Info about what is taking place with The Leader in Me, etc.

Application out there to hire paras for math support. Nothing so far.

Number of copies

Please read this whole message.

We have used a lot of copy paper and 200,000 copies. I want to make sure that this is all credited to the correct account and budgeted for the next school year. I know we have several big ticket copy needs like Read Well and Everyday math. I know that we have several new staff, we made copies of spelling, missing math books, LIM materials, and tons of copies from the office for the beginning of the year.

I DO NOT want to or plan to limit your copies, I want to make sure you can continue to copy. I do ask that you think about the copies you make.

I am asking for two things. First, give your copy code number to Katie. We want to make sure that your copies are going to the correct accounts, especially Special Education. Second, look at the above items mentioned and share with me any other high copy volume items. I want to make a sound budget.

Please make sure that if you are running things for other groups or leadership roles that we have a separate account for these items. The movie night, K-Kids, Foundation, Read Well, or afterschool courses should all have a separate account code starting Monday. Make sure that if you have parents or Paraprofessionals making copies that they are using your code or the appropriate code.

Each copy is roughly 3 cents and color copies are 9 cents.

I know there are issues with the color copier and Tina and I are working on this, and there should be a memo soon.


Katie and I are working to renew the Moby Max subscription that expires soon. We are contacting the company and trying to get an invoice so that we will not have a service disruption.

Subs to call

Ron asked for a list of currently reliable subs for Klager. As of today, we are using: Carolyn Supers; Brent VanVuuren; Susan Layher; Sean McCoy; Cara Chandler; Alexandria Lane; Nancy Jaeger. Tina Way and Terry Nickerson don't want to come to Klager. (I feel like I am forgetting someone)

We have blocked a few people who have come our way. We do try to get new people all the time to try them out, but not many people want to come out this way.

We will be switching to Edu Staff possibly before the end of the year. This is great because we can then have access to other counties around us. They also do a lot of promotions around the state to hire the subs. The downfall of switching is the cost to the subs. They pay a yearly fee to sub, like a licensing fee, and they would need to pay it again this year if they switch. There is also talk of incentives for subs, but nothing is ready yet.

Body Safety

The kindergarten and first-grade classrooms will again host a two-week course for the students. The program goal is to give all students in Washtenaw county the same skills and vocabulary for young child safety. We are looking for the note in Jennifer and Kelly's files and hope to have this out by mid-week at the latest.

Senior Citizen Luncheon Debrief

I think that the luncheon was a huge success.

These two ladies were invited by their neighbors and plan to return as longs as they can.

I hope you have seen the large poinsettia that came from one of the guests. It was delivered on Thursday.

I know there are some things to tweak with the student leadership roles, but overall the seniors were very impressed with the students. I asked the seniors for ideas to cultivate more attendance, and they had three ideas. One, personal invitation from other seniors or local families. Two, add information to the Christmas in the Village flyers and announcements. Three, send invitations to the retired teachers. Talle Jolliffe has a list of addresses. I hope that everyone in the building fills out the Google Form about the day. We need stars and wishes for the day. I also have information going out the Manchester Mirror as a wrap-up. Kim Clore worked with a few students to make thank you notes for the event. I am hoping to have photos soon from the photographers, remind them to bring their iPad to the office so we can download the photos onto the Google Drive. I have the videos already.

Debrief link:


New Friends

We are reviving the old new friends luncheon and friendship groups. Sue Thompson and Charlene Mangi facilitate the groups. The goal will be to host a pizza welcome lunch on January 18th and the first group meeting that same week. The groups will meet monthly for 20-30 minutes around 2:30 in the afternoon. The purpose/goal is to help the new friends adjust to our school, learn about the school culture, and keep parents informed about our initiatives and local events. There will be lots more information coming for families this week.

Title I Paraprofessionals and Instructional Paraprofessionsals

I check the website daily and call just about every applicant looking to fill the openings. I have one applicant for the Title I position that was posted 12/4/15. If you are aware of someone you think might be a great candidate, let me know and we can help them through the Applitrack process. The positions are found on the web page, manchesterschools.us under the employment tab. The candidates must create a login and then fill out the application. The Title position is asking that they have 60 college credits. We are looking for three paraprofessionals who might work 8:00-11:30 am., there can be some flexibility in the time. I hope to see the paraprofessionals have students arriving at 8:00 for some before school practice and then work with small groups for the remainder of the morning.

The Villarreal's

I will be at meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Katie has access to my schedule if you need to see me.

Ricky and Ethan joined me for the movie on Friday. We had more fun that I expected as we watched The Polar Express. It was such a sweet gesture that they wanted to come along.

Ricky and Ethan are still saving for the XBox One they so seriously want. I've shared stories of their Pay pal Account and E-Bay sales. They current have sold about $95 of merchandise and only need $205 more for the new system. At their age, they often know what they are getting for Christmas and they know I have purchased several new games for the new system they are working to purchase. What they don't know is that I have secretly purchased the new system. I didn't know how hard it was to keep this secret. Of course now that they think they aren't getting the system they have of course come up with forty other ideas for Christmas. Oh well, we will see if they are truly surprised on December 25th.

The picture is of my burnt toast, that I can not get to change. I refuse to spend one more minute trying to fix it, so please ignore.