Independent Reading Project

The Raft--by Kelsie Mullins

About "The Raft"

The nonfictional book titled "The Raft", is by the author S.A. Bodeen. It is about the character Robie who gets stranded at sea. The book tells us about her over coming multiple obstacles to survive, and trying to reach land. The character, Robie, is hopeful. She shows this in the following quote: "Let me reach the light. I want to live. I know I can live." (page 41). This quote shows that Robie is hopeful to live. Throughout the book, we can see that Robie is a dynamic character because of these quotes: "Please kill me already, I cant take this anymore." (page 39). And then her perspective on living changes by saying: "Please let me reach the light. I want to live." (page 41). This thematic quote shows the life lesson of the text: "It turned out dying was too easy. Something in me wouldn't accept the easy way out." (page 41). This shows that Robie wasn't going to give up yet. My personal connection to this is when my Grandma was diagnosed with cancer. She chose to go through many painful surgeries just so she could be with us today. My world connection to this is the tragic Titanic incident. Florence Ismay didn't give up hope after the Titanic crashed with no word from her husband, J.Bruce Ismay. He ended up surviving the crash and went back home to his wife. This book is in first person point of view. This impacted the telling of the story by knowing Robie's emotions, thoughts, and observations from her perspective.

Mrs.Files 5-6th period class