Roman Citizenship, Law & Justice

Citizen Rights

Citizen Rights included:

•ability to vote

•hold official offices (civil and government)

•own property

•write contracts

•go to court

Males had all the rights

Women had more of a limited amount of rights compared to men

Freemen (ex-slaves) had very few, almost no rights

Slaves had zero rights

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Roman laws focused on:


•inheritance (what family gets when someone dies)

•contracts between people

Laws were written

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Their punishments fit their crimes.

They would be:

•fined (made them pay money)




•execution of guilty treason

Patricide (killing your father), was punished by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten, given harder work, or often crucified

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Roman vs U.S Ideas of C, L & J


•they can vote for their leader

•both have a group that makes laws

•have court


•in Rome women aren't treated the same compared to men and in the U.S they treat men and women in the same ways

•women can work in government in the U.S while in Rome they can not

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