The Memory Lose Disease - By Maggie Morrisey


Alzheimer syndrome, AD, senile dementia

Normal Brain vs. Alzheimer's Brain

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What Causes It

Scientists aren't fully sure

Early on-set genetic mutation is usually the cause

Late on-set series of brain changes over decades

Prenatal Tests

MRI, CT scan, PET scan, blood tests, neuropyschological tests

Affected In genes


Factor in 20 of 25 Alzheimer cases


Memory loss, less energy to do things, language problems, coordination problems, trouble driving
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520,000 known cases in the UK

Anyone is a candidate for it

usually people get it around 65 years old

Affect On Children

It does NOT affect children at all

Nor can it be passed on to children due to age it's diagnosed at


Diagnosed at near age 60
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No cure yet- doing tests with clinical trials

There are non-drug treatments that may help with cognitive and behavioral symptoms

Can It Be Prevented?

None that have been proven to work.

There are tests they are trying, including:


- diet

- mental stimulation

How is it inherited

It's uncertain- but they feel it you have the APOE e4 allele it increases your chances of getting it