Surgeon Career

By: Mary Covarrubias


Surgeons diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses. They operate on patients to treat injuries, diseases or deformities. They have a lot of responsibility upon themselves. Any mistake they make has a serious consequence. They are responsible for the lives of they people that are being treated.

Career Connections

Dr.Slakey thinks that being a surgeon has an important leadership role.

“We’re in a team, so you’re not the only one responsible for everything going on with the patient” said Dr.Groinus.

High School Preparation

The education and training you need is a doctoral or a professional degree. You can get it at medical colleges or any college that has a good medical program.Medical Career would be the only course that would be beneficial because you start from the basics and it gives you time to see whether or not you will want to go for that career. You can start working at at hospital by helping a doctor or a nurse.


A reference is when a person can talk to another person about someone and they can say something good about the person that is being talked about. A good reference is important especially for colleges because if you are not a good person and a good student no College or University will want you. The 3 people that would serve as a reference to me would be
  1. Mrs.Litzhoff-Physical Science teacher, West Leyden High School teacher.

  2. Mrs.Luciano-Algebra 1 teacher, West Leyden High School teacher.

  3. Mrs.Schumpp- English teacher, West Leyden High School.

Post-Secondary Plans

To accomplish my goal on becoming a Surgeon , after high school, I would first start off by becoming a nurse first, help a surgeon or even observe how surgeons work. My main colleges or Universities would be: 1)Loyola University located in Chicago, IL, 2) Trinity University located in Deerfield, IL and 3) Elmhurst College located in Elmhurst, IL.
Surgeons Careers Overview