Business Diner Etiquette

Alexia jones period 7

Diner Etiquette 1:

On a properly set table you usually see a series of forks on the left side of your plate and spoons and knives on your right. The very simple rule is to always work from the outside in. The cutlery farthest away from your plate is for the first course.

Diner Etiquette 2

When you are finished, place your knife and fork together in the center of the plate slightly turned to the five o’clock position. This well let your server know you are done eating.

Diner Etiquette 3

You should always use both your knife and fork together. You should not cut your food up at the start and then use your fork only. You should only cut one edible piece of meat at a time.

Diner Etiquette 4

Your napkin should be unfolded and placed on your lap immediately upon sitting down at the table, folded in half once, and the open end of the fold facing away from you. It is never acceptable to tuck your napkin in to the front of your shirt in business dinner etiquette.

Diner Etiquette 5

You should not sit in your seat until your host or hostess has done so. If there is no host, then you should wait for the senior or oldest person at the table to sit first before you sit in your seat.

Diner Etiquette 6

When you begin to eat bread or any other food from a common bowl using business dinner etiquette, you should offer the bread basket to the person on your left and then begin passing the bowl around the table to the right.
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