American Sniper

By Kris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Jim DeFelice

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What is the Book about

  • The book is about a man named Kris Kyle. It talks about why he joined the Army to be a Sniper. Kris was sent to Iraq to fight in the war. He was put into important missions to eliminate top terrorist and jihad leaders. His fellow soldiers think that Kris is the person that is going to end the war, and they think that he is the protector for the troops on the ground. He later finds out that he is the most wanted Military Sniper in Iraq. Kris see a lot of awful things that the terrorist do to the civilians. He saw a kid get drilled by a screwdriver in the head. When Kris comes back from the war he gets flashbacks and that kinda makes him crazy and scared of everything. He later go's to rehab to fix his problems.

The Promblem

Kris was getting hunted by the best Snipers in Iraq. He wants to go home alive and stay with his family and wife. So he wants to fight passive and pick people out without getting killed. When Kris finds out he is being hunted by the Top sniper, he takes the challenge and he try to hunt him down before he gets hunted.

I am like...

I am like Kris because I want to join the Military, either Air-force or a sniper. I also found out that he likes to hunt and that Is my favorite hobby too.

If I had 4 questions to ask the Kris I would ask......... (He died not to long ago)

Why pick Kris to make a story about, was it something that no other soldier had to say?

How did you feel going back to your family?

Would you ever go back to the Army?

Would you let your son go into the Army?