Heroic Atributes


Odysseus had tricked the cyclops after giving him fine wine and telling him his name is nobody. " I will eat Nobody last of all his company, and all the others before him"(H36). After completing his statement, he reeled back in agonizing pain. Odysseus took this to his advantage and ordered his men to take the olive wood branch, and thrust it into the cyclops's eye.

Quickly Decisive

After running out of the cave, and leaving the cyclops to groan in pain, Odysseus had to quickly think of a way to escape. "I considered the best way of escaping, and saving myself, and my men from death. I dreamed up all sorts of tricks and schemes, as a man will in a life or death matter: it was an evil situation. This was the plan that seemed best. The rams were fat with thick fleeces, fin large beasts with deep black wool. These I silently tied together in threes, with twists of willow on which that lawless monster, Polyphemus, slept. The middle one was to carry one of my men, with the other two on either side to protect him" (H37). The plan was brilliant; it fooled the cyclops. "My fine ram, why leave the cave like the last of the flock. (H37)? Odysseus had escaped with bounty and the life of his men, and his.


Odysseus handed his men a 6 foot piece of olive branch, and sharpen the pieces, and hide them. "I ordered my men to cast lots as to which of them should dare to help me raise the stake and twist it into the Cyclops's eye when sweet sleep took him" (H35). Odysseus chose four who were willing, and with himself, it made five. Later the plan worked and they were able to escape.
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