Catastrophic Christan Crusades

By, Zomp Raindrop (Zacalen Lohman)


Were the Crusades really necessary? Find out now as we head into the heart of the Crusade.

Unnecessary Crusades

I, and many others, belive that the Crusades were extremly unecessary. People, even the people who at first wanted to fight, became weak and tired and began to feel hopeless. Innocent lives were taken for greed, the Christans, Jews, and Muslims should have just shared Palestine. In an interview with Anna Comnena she explained how shocked she was by the number of Crusades and had mixed feelings about them, but being the princess she still had to help her father. She also said that the Crusades were said to be fought for the Lord but many people were not really fighting for the Lord, but for themselves. Many people were killed in the Crusades and I dont think we can say that any good came out of it. When God said to love your enimes I don't think he ment to kill them, are they really the enimy here anyway, or are we.