South America


Early History

The Inca controlled Peru for a very long time. Then when the Spanish came in 1532 they swept threw the land and conquered it. They took advantage of the Incas because they were at a civil war then the Spanish took control of the land.

Independence from Spain

The war for independence from Spain started in 1810 and lasted until 1824. The revolution was led by Jose de San Martin of Argentina and Simon Bolivar of Venezuela. They gained their independence July 28 1821.

Peru Facts

Peru's population is 27,947,000. the capital of Peru is Lima. Peru has 496,224 square miles of land. The main language is Spanish. Their religion is Roman Catholic. Their currency is Nuevo sol.

Peru Government

Peru is a democratic republic. Their president right now is Ollanta Humala Tasso. It borders Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.
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