The 19th century's factories


Factories conditions during the 19th century

During the 19th century, there were a lot of factories but the conditions were unsafe, in addition to unhealthy work sites, long hours and job instability. Men, women and children were working in the factories. In order to save money, many employers hired women and children to work in factories because these workers would work for lower wages than men. There were poor conditions, long working hours, and job instability which lead to more than 35,000 workers to die ( by 1900 ).
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how much they were paid/ working

They were paid as little as $6 a week.

They worked a minimum of 10 hours a day/ 6 days in a week!

How could factory problem be solved???

They could have forced regulation requiring safety, minimize forced hours worked and if the business men were forced to work like the employee's in order to get favoritism.