Team Awesome News

October 21 - 25

Report Cards

Students will get their report cards this week. If you wish to have a conference concerning your child's progress please e-mail me and one of us will get in touch with you to schedule a time. My e-mail is

Math - Davis

Regular Math: Unit Test over rational numbers will be Tuesday 10/22. We will begin our Algebra Unit, starting with basics vocabulary and expressions, on Wednesday.

Look for Math Maintenance this week.

NO tutoring this week.

A.C. Math - Students will begin their contract work for our expressions unit this week. POW "Cups and Saucers" is posted on the website. Videos and practice links are uploaded for our expressions unit.

Tutoring for advance will be held Monday 10/21.

Science - Selzer

This week we will continue the weathering and erosion unit by learning about the agents of erosion and deposition.

Science Exposition: Tuesday, October 22nd will be a "check-in" date for students to show progress on their project. For scientific inquiry projects, see the timeline handout that was given to students to see what items need to be shown on Tuesday. For the invention and environmental innovation projects, students were instructed to underline (on the parent letter handout) items that need to be shown on Tuesday.

Social Studies - Cantrell

We continue to study Latin America Government. This unit is heavy in vocabulary. Please remind your child to study.

By the end of the week students should have the first 5 steps of Create a Country complete.

Language Arts - Wallace

This week in ELA, we'll spend time learning about strategies people use to sway the opinions of others, we'll work on our argumentative papers (due Nov. 1), and we'll explore poetry for two voices. Students should have a complete draft of the argumentative piece by the end of the week, and they will present their two-voice poems at the end of the week as well.