The Heart of Europe


Germany is a capitalistic country because of the way that they style their economy. The people of Germany are allowed to own property, the people are allowed to go into business, people are allowed to own and operate businesses with out government interference. Some characteristics of Germany are it's parliamentary government headed by the Chancellor as head of government and the president as the head of state.


The danish economy is also very capitalistic but has some hints of socialism. People are allowed to go into business for themselves and own property. Some characteristics of Denmark include high taxes, a wide ranging welfare system, and no public debt. Some characteristics of Denmark are they have a very high standard of living and a Parliament Democracy with a prime minister and a monarch.


Sweden is a mixed economy. Sweden spends billions on their welfare system and put many restrictions on business in place in the hopes of having safe business. While people are allowed to go into business for themselves the government does a lot of business monitoring, Some characteristics of Sweden are it high standard of living and its economic diversity, and large public debt.