Black Lives Matter

By: Aidan McCully

Background Info

  • Stared when defenseless Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by neighborhood watch
  • Later on, many events of when police use unreasonable force for no reason
  • In August, 2k14, Michael Brown by shot and killed by white police officer even when he didnt resist
  • Locals felt discriminated against, so started #blacklivesmatter
  • In 1991, several police beat and killed Rodney King

About the Protest

  • The people protested by getting worldwide attention of how they feel
  • Criminal Justice Program- makes cops wear body camera at all times during arrests
  • Spread popular hashtag #blacklivesmatter
  • Public riots
  • Standing in main public places with signs on how they feel
  • Baltimore riot on April 12, 2015
  • By protesting against the police

Effects of the Protest

  • Police are required to wear body camera at all times
  • Put the police dept. in perspective
  • Racism has slowed down
  • Made people worldwide feel their pain
  • Had more people join BlackLivesMatter for support

Assessment Question

The people involved in these protests did many thing to be heard and to get their point across. They believed that the police are treating them with disrespect and not treating them equal. They felt their voices weren't being heard so they felt the need to do something. After many friends/family have been killed by police, they got mad and rioted. After this, many people felt their pain and supported them.
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