By: Maddy Peters


"Unlike history, meteorology does repeat itself." -Mel Goldstein

About meteorology

  • Tells an audience about their local weather
  • Studies the weather
  • Studies patterns
  • Looks at the atmosphere to predict weather
  • Also studies how it effects land, air, and water
  • Studies global warming
  • Uses information from satellites
  • Can tell people if severe weather is coming to prepare them
  • They can predict long or short forecasts
  • Studies how pollution is affecting the earth

Pros and cons


You get to educate people on the weather, because then you know more about the earth.

If you find meteorology interesting then that's a pro because you learn more about earth and the atmosphere.

If you also like attention, you could be on television.


Meteorologist have weird schedules sometimes because severe weather can happen overnight.

A job opening could be away from your family, which can be bad for some people.

You might have to work long hours at a time and might not get a huge break.

What you need to have

You need to have at least a bachelors degree and they like to hire people who have a masters. For an advanced degree you have to be at a higher point of salary and more experienced in the topics, which results in teaching at universities.

The American Meteorological Society

This is the association that meteorologists work with.

Job advertisement

Are you interested in meteorology? Do you have a bachelors degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology? Do you like being on tv? If your answer was yes to all of these questions, we have a job for you! Come to out headquarters at 45 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02108-3693! When you start you will get around 50,000 dollars a year. But if you want to stay local, your area may pay less. Hurry before we run out of spots open!


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