Brave Nation Parent Newsletter

January 14, 2023

Principal's Message

We had a great first week back to school and I was very proud of our students and staff. Students and staff came back from break focused and ready to learn and work. I was able to visit all of our classrooms over the week. it was great to see our teachers having students reflecting on quarter 2 and setting goals for quarter 3. Goal setting is an important thing for all of us to do in order to improve. Ask your student what their goals are for quarter 3 and what supports they need to meet their goals.

I would like to thank all of you for your undersatanding and patience you had on Tuesday when we had our power outage and had to cancel school. I know that was a huge inconvience for all of you and I hope it never happens again. That was a first for me and I have been in education for 25 years.

If you haven't done so yet please download the Parent Square app that we are now using as our main communication tool. It is very easy and quick to get information you need. below are qr codes to download the app.

Family Engagment Hour: Tips to Monitor Social Media

Wednesday, Jan. 18th, 9:30-10:30am

1239 West Mesa Avenue

Fresno, CA

This month our topic is "Tips to Monitor Social Media." We will have our Resource Counseling Assistant Mrs. Jenny in attendance to share tips and ideas with you.

Saturday Academy

Next Saturday, January 21 we will be offering Saturday Academy school for our students. The purpose of Saturday Academy is for students to be able to make up attendance for days they have missed. Any students can attend not just those who need to make up missed days. We will offer different enrichment opportunities for students each Saturday. Students can also come and have a space to work and catch up with assignments from their classes if needed. Saturday Academy will run from 8:00am till 12:30pm and students will receive lunch. We will be sending home permission slips with students who have attendance to make up. If your child does not receive a permission slip and wants to attend, they can see Mr. Mickelson in Room 16 or you can call the office and we can send one home with your child.

Covid Home Tests

We have free Covid 19 home tests available for anyone who wants some. Just come by our office and we can give you some.