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9th grade First Semester Recognition Edition

Recognizing Bronco Excellence in the 9th Grade!

Varsity Letters- 9th grade

Congratulations to these outstanding athletes, who have earned their Varsity letter for Winter season sports!

Girls Basketball

Samantha Myhr

Boys Soccer

Blayne Ballard

Mateo Gonzalez

Alesandro Guarnaccia

Sahil Patel

Matthew Rajecki

Girls Soccer

Sadie Hansell

Keira Lund


Zechariah Akbari

Judah Baker

Basill El Desoky

Danica Heine

Natalie Hernandez

Tyler Jewell

Dominic Levy

Maya Powers

Rowan Rose-Ramos

Savannah Talmadge

Danikka Valadez

Bobby Walker


Breanna Christensen

Danica Kirkham

Kailee Newberry

Katelyn Rattaro

Jocelyn Torrey

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Special Teacher Recognition - 9th grade

First Semester Honor Roll

Congratulations to these 9th grade students for their academic achievement first semester-

with GPA's of 3.5-3.74, they have made the honor roll!

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Special Teacher Recognition- 9th Grade

First Semester High Honors

Congratulations to these 9th grade students for their outstanding academic achievement

first semester, making the high honors list with GPA's of 3.75-3.99.

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Special Teacher Recognition

First Semester Principal's List

Congratulations to these 9th grade students for crushing their first semester, with GPA's of 4.0.

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Other Student Recognition by their teachers

From Ms. Selinger:

  • Dimitri Acevedo- Consistent participation!
  • Brady Cannon- Consistently positive!
  • Olivia Walson- Consistent participation!
  • Audrey Nouhi- Hard working!
  • Danica Heine- Great writer!
  • Eri Kim- Tenacious and hard working!
  • Zachary Knisley- Hard working, insightful, and cares deeply about his work!
  • Gohar Mashal- Organized and great improvement in their writing and skills!
  • Hayden August- Hard working!
  • Yotam Gayer- Kind and helpful!
  • Madeleine Lee- Organized, hard working, and participatory!

From Ms Jenkins:

  • Kiefer Wisecarver- Thank your for setting such an admirable example of what it means to be an active learner. Your ideas, contribution and collaboration are a valued addition to English.
  • Justin Chen- Thank you for such an amazing contribution to and presence in class. Your peers and your teacher notice and appreciate you.

From Mr. Gundelfinger:

  • Eva Trujillo- Eva consistently goes above and beyond to produce superlative work.

From Melanie Scott:

  • Zoe Andre- Zoe is a hard working student and is always engaged in biology!
  • Victor Barrera- Victor shows a lot of interest in biology and especially loves plants! He asks great questions and is always very kind to everyone!
  • Maxwell Lee- Maxwell's attention to detail and great focus make him an excellent biology student!
  • Mackenzie Frick- Mackenzie is consistently engaged in class discussions and is always willing to provide answers and ask great questions in biology!

From Doc Weinstock:

  • Justin Chen- It is wonderful to watch Justin's daily interactions as a student teacher and leader. He's continually helpful as a class peer mentor while also excelling on his own as an exceptionally strong mathematics student. Justin's gained tremendous respect from his classmates for his leadership role.

Northgate awarded US News & World Report Top Ranking- #6!

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