Book Writer

On this app you can make your own book and add texts, fonts, and information! You can also make a picture your background and if you don't want the picture as your background, you can simply leave the picture small. To make the picture your background you have to expand it and make the image larger. A font is the type of size and the way your words will look. Book Writer is a fun site on Ipads to create books!

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app where you have the privilidge to create a presentation or slideshows! Where you can also type information, but it can only be a certain amount. You can also use pictures as a background.


Italk is an app where you can record your voice! You press a red button and it will record, press it again and the recording will stop. Italk will also have the time set for how long you've recorded.


IMovie is an app that lets you make your own movie! You title your movie, record it, add graphics, and you can also add text boxes and put them where you want while your recording the movie. You can add subtitles and make any type of movie that you want!

Garage Band

Garage Band is an app that can be used to make recordings! You can add music to it and add instruments! You can also measure how long you'd like your recording to be. Also, how long you'd like to make your music or instruments!

Pic Collage

Pic collage is an app where you can take photos and add texts to make a colloage! To show how your working is being laid out, do it in order! You can also add stickers to make it a little more fun!