Scratch vs Kodu

Play Beautiful!!

Differences between Scratch and Kodu

Kodu - Kodu is a Microsoft product that creates games for every high quality through an icon based programming system. The biggest novelty factor with Kodu is, that it can not only programmed with keyboard but also with mouse to. It can also be played on both pc and XBox 360. Amazing right.

While Kodu has way better capability for graphics and games, Scratch has more capability for creativity by itself, and is closer to actually programming. Also Scratch is simple to use, it's child friendly and easy to understand, it's suitable for children on all ages, Scratch can only be used on pc.

Kodu or Scratch, which is easier to use

Well as for me Kodu is easier than Scratch because it has a wheel and when it won't make sense if you use a particular bit of code then it will hide. It also has an easier way to input the code which is simple; When........Do.......; Im addition to all this you can also draw the scene in 3D so it's easy to get exactly what you want.

Kodu is better!!

I prefer Kodu to Scratch due to more of it's understanding, and also Kodu can be used on both pc and XBOX 360.