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Martha B. Day Weekly Update 12/18/2020

12 Days of the Holiday Season Fun

MBD and SRD will be offering free drop-in LIVE or PRE-RECORDED holiday activities to match our 12 days.

Please view the PowerPoint below for what is offered each day and the materials needed.

What to Wear for the 12 Days of the Holiday Season

Monday, December 21...... Santa’s Workshop Day......Wear Santa, Elf, Reindeer or Toy Outfit

Tuesday, December 22 ......Winter Wonderland Day......Wear White

Wednesday, December 23...... Sounds of the Holiday Seasons Day......Wear Holiday Cheer

Build a Friend Pick Up - Saturday, 12/20

If you ordered a "Build a Friend" Kit from the Bloomingdale PTA, please pick up your purchase SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20 in the Martha B. Day parking lot between 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

LIVE Specials (PE, Art and Music)

We had requests for live special classes and we were able to move around schedules to accommodate this mode of instruction. One special a day can be completed live and the other will still be asynchronous OR you can do both asynchronous. The choice is up to you, but you MUST complete your 2 specials each day.


Go to your special classroom for the link for LIVE instruction at the times below.

Check out MBD's "BUZZY" Bees

The Upcoming "Buzz"

December 23: Half Day ALL STUDENTS LOG IN AT 8 am and

Holidays Around the World Virtual Assembly at 10:30

December 24 - January 3rd: Schools Closed for Winter Break

"Bee" Mindful in Remote Learning with Ms. Faliveno

3 TIPS for Parenting Through Stress


Encourage children to name what they are feeling about the holiday season.

Sadness about not getting to go to Grandma’s house might include feelings of longing to see relatives or worry that it may be many months before the next visit. Anger about not getting to take the annual family vacation might be tangled up with jealousy about what other kids are doing.


Start an evening gratitude ritual: At the dinner table or during bedtime, ask each family member to share one thing they are grateful for from the day. Examples: I am grateful the four of us get to be together for the holiday.

I am grateful that we will be able to exchange gifts.

I am grateful we are making new traditions this year.

Take on a social media gratitude challenge together. Search for hashtags like #100daysofgratitude or #gratitudechallenge, or make up your own rules.


Together with your child, practice finding better-feeling thoughts. Instead of: We can’t do any of the things we usually do this holiday. Say: We are going to make new traditions this year.

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Merry Holidays and a Happy New Year

Dear MBD students and families,

We wish everyone a wonderful winter break,

merry happy holidays

and a warm welcome to 2021.


The MBD Family

Parental Information on Child Care and Food Services

The Hive's Health Hints

Please complete the quick daily attendance question each morning in your google classroom.

To report an absence please call (973) 838-1311 press 1

or email kbarile@bloomingdaleschools.org

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