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What is the THRIVE Experience by Le-Vel?

THRIVE is a supplement system that fills in your nutritional gaps giving your body what it needs, in the purest and rawest form possible. THRIVE, by Le-Vel, is an overall health supplement with a major focus on easing body discomfort as well as providing cognitive support, enhancing mental clarity AND aiding in weight loss. We have hundreds of testimonials from people who have successfully used THRIVE to feel relief from discomfort and fatigue; managing headaches; obtaining mental clarity; providing support for joints and lean muscles, as well as, improving digestion and an overall immune system; and to provide anti-aging and antioxidant support. The products provide a stable, all day natural energy and mental clarity via our patent-pending DFT patches along with also offering weight loss benefits as well. THRIVE is certified all natural, created from food and plant-based ingredients to provide your body with incredible amounts of vitamins, minerals, extracts, probiotics, enzymes and more.