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December 17, 2020 Home and School Connection

Friday, December 18 will be an out of uniform- please wear something green and/ or red!

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We turn to full virtual learning January 4 - January 15, 2021 See below for ore details under "Virtual School"

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Free food for all in person learners tomorrow!

The FSP lunch program has told us that ALL in-person students will be sent home this Friday with 3 days of food. This means, 3 breakfasts, 3 snacks and 3 lunches. All come with milk, Enjoy!
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DP Christmas raffle
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Miss Minneci

Growing up as a child, my family would spend Christmas Eve at my great-grandmother's house. We didn't have a fancy meal, but instead enjoyed open-faced salami, ham, or turkey sandwiches and her famous chocolate chip cookies, among other delicious and simple foods. Christmas Eve was always my favorite because my mom's cousins were loud and goofy. It was always a fun time joking around with them and sharing family stories. And then on the ride home, my siblings and I would search the night skies for Santa's sleigh.

After my great-grandmother passed away, when I was eight, my grandmother continued the tradition. To this day, open-faced sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies are a staple of our Christmas Eve meal.

Mrs. Scavelli

A Christmas tradition that will always stick in my head is my family and I driving around and looking at all of the Christmas decorations. I grew up in Westchester, and many blocks made such a big deal about Christmas decorations. They would come up with different themes for decorating their houses on each block. Each house on each block would decorate accordingly and it was so cool! We would drive around for hours slowly together just looking in awe while listening to Christmas music. I looked forward to it every year and it was such wonderful time together with my family.

Mrs. Santore

Growing up Christmas Eve was our big night with my Grandmother, Aunts,Uncles, cousins and my whole family. We would do the 7 fishes and of course pasta (you know those Italians, ha) we would eat, clean up open presents go to midnight Mass.

I still do that with my kids since they were born, we have carried on the tradition all though we are down to about 4 fishes lol. There usually is 25 of us on Christmas Eve, we wear Christmas pajamas, there’s laughter, we are stuffed from eating and it’s loud but we love it! This year of course will be much quieter and smaller due to Covid but will still continue with the tradition.

Mrs. Heil

One of my favorite memories of Christmas comes from when I was a little girl. My mom and my sisters and I would spend an entire day baking all sorts of Christmas cookies. Once the cookies were cooled off and the kitchen was cleaned up, we'd box up the cookies and deliver them to all of our neighbors. If we were lucky, our neighbors would invite us in for a visit or send us home with a treat!

Mrs. Farmar

I have good childhood memories of Christmas but my favorite Christmas memories are actually when I was raising my family. On Christmas Eve we went to the Family Mass at Divine Infant. After Mass we went to Grandma’s house right here in Westchester and there was always a large crowd of cousins, aunts, uncles, and family friends. We all brought food and gifts. In the morning my kids opened gifts that Santa had brought in the middle of the night. Later there were more aunts and uncles that came over and more gifts and more food. When all the festivities were over, we looked forward to having a nice Christmas break!

Mrs. Martin

My favorite Christmas memory was always waking up Christmas morning to the smell of homemade donuts. My mom would make donuts every Christmas morning and they were amazing. To this day, if we are with her on Christmas morning, she will make them for us.

Mrs. Blase

I come from a family of 6 children. I have fond memories our family gathering together to watch Christmas movies together. Not a year passed without “The Bells of St. Mary’s,” “White Christmas,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Our tree was all decorated with ornaments and lots of tinsel. On Christmas morning, there would be six piles of gifts, each child’s pile designated by their handmade stockings. My mother would bring out the old movie camera and record all of us as we held up some of our presents from Santa. We had to shield our eyes from the bright bulbs of the camera as we happily held up our favorites. After having some time to enjoy our gifts, all eight of us would get dressed up to go to Christmas Mass at Divine Providence Church to celebrate Jesus’ birth. I would grow up, have children of my own, and continue some of these same traditions, minus the bright bulbs of my parents’ camera!

Mr. Hawes

My father is also a musician, a Trombonist, and I remember as a young boy, maybe 9 or 10 years old, driving to Chicago from Detroit Michigan, where we lived, to listen to my dad play concerts with Chicago's Music of the Baroque. He's played the holiday Brass and Chorus concerts for the last 25 years or so, which usually happens the week before Christmas. About 5 years or so ago I started singing with them, and we were able to perform this series of concerts together for the last few years. It has become a really wonderful part of both of our holidays with our family coming out to listen, and while we will miss it this year, we will always share those memories!

Mrs. Pavilonis

Mrs. Pav's Top 10 Best Memories of Christmas.....

1. The season starts on December 6th when my siblings and I would leave our shoes by the front door in hopes of St. Nick. That morning we would race downstairs looking for our Chocolate Santas and fruit inside of our shoes.

2. Decorating our Christmas tree was very magical because we would string fresh popped popcorn and hang it as garland. Then we would hang the tinsel icicles and admire the beauty of the tree.

3. My favorite gifts as a child were my Chatty Cathy Doll, Pebble's Doll, and a Little Kiddle's Dollhouse.

4. Another great memory was making our green Cornflake wreaths with my mom and my daughter for so many decades.

5. I would love when my family would take the train downtown and look at the famous Marshal Field's windows and see Santa too.

6. Sometimes we would visit the MSI and view all of the tree from around the world.

7. Then every year my dad and husband would create an ice-skating rink in our backyard. Over our Christmas vacation we would-be ice-skating morning, noon, and night with all of the neighbors,

8. As a parent I loved the "Pavilonis Christmas Eve" celebrations in Beverly when we would sing many Christmas carols while we waited for Santa to come.

9. Then as being a MOM, I would love Christmas morning and watch my children- Joe, Jeannie, and Nick open up gifts on Xmas morning to feel all of the excitement in the air.

10. Now as a grandparent our Christmas's revolves around our grandkids- Lily, Danny, Katie, and Lyla. I am still in awe as I see the true meaning of Christmas and the innocence of children.

Merry Christmas and I hope your memories will be near and dear to your heart. It's Been A Wonderful Life!

Mrs. Galdek

I remember growing up we always made Cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning and had them with eggnog.

Mrs. Southerton

Christmas as a child was a magical and memorable time of the year. I knew it was Christmas when I was served an Italian desert my aunts used to make called “Latamene” ( so they called it ) which is a rice pudding desert.

My family and I would typically go to my my polish side of the family and occasionally the Italian side for Christmas Eve. All I have to say is that it was a food wonderland at both worlds. However, we did not eat meat on Christmas Eve .

At my Aunty Mary’s house, we would be served all kinds of pasta, fish and my non favorite- the Seven Seas which included raw octopus.

At my babcia’s (polish grandma) house we would have duck blood soup (also a non favorite), homemade Perogi and dumplings, and pea salad. Before dinner, we would say a prayer and all of us would gather around the table. Each of us would receive a blessed host, go around the table and break off a piece of someone’s host, eat it and wish that person blessings and a Merry Christmas.

After dinner, my cousins and I would make it known (my cousin Barb knocked down the Christmas tree one year) that we were ready to open presents. We would joyously open our presents.

It would tire us out a bit but not too much because midnight mass was in a few hours.

My family, aunts, uncles and cousins would attend midnight mass. Even though it was after midnight, I knew Santa would wait for me to go home and fall asleep. After all, I was celebrating the birth of our Lord.

The next day was Christmas Day! I would always walk down the stairs and my eyes would widen! Santa always treated me well and helped make Christmas truly magical. I will always remember that unexplainable, wondrous, innocent, child like feeling I had every Christmas morning. It was truly special and memorable .

After we opened our presents, my mom would make breakfast and we would hang out and play with our toys.

Christmas has and will always be a spiritual, magical , and memorable time in my life .

Mrs. Sautariello

My favorite child hood memory is waking up in my parents home in Chicago. My brothers and I would get up early, like 6:00am, and start to subtly make noise to stir our parents. When they had had enough of the noise, we then had to wait for them to make their coffee. Johnny Mathis, Christmas classics, would start to play and then we would begin to unwrap our gifts. Following the excitement, my parents would make a huge breakfast feast!

Mrs. LeTourneau

Getting ready for Christmas was all December long! It always started with St. Nicholas Day. Then there were many different events every year! My dad was part of the Holy Name Society and every year, all the members would bring their kids and grandkids. Santa would come and we would all get a gift and play together.

Christmas Eve was by my Busia and Dzia Dzia (Grandma and Grandpa). Aunts, Uncles, and cousins were always there to have fun with- I was the youngest of them all. Santa would come again! We would go to midnight mass every year, and a few times I was allowed to carry the baby Jesus in and place him in the manger!

My brother and I always had a hard time going to sleep on Christmas Eve and we would just keep playing until we fell asleep. We were so excited to open our presents Christmas morning, but my brother would always open his presents super slow, unlike me, I would rip the paper off and have all my presents opened in no time. Then I would have to wait for him to be done to start playing with mine. Two gifts I remember being so excited about were my Cabbage Patch Kids and The Heart Family (these were like Barbie dolls) Christmas day was spent with more aunts, uncles, and more cousins.

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Parent and Teacher Conferences

On January 15, 2021, we will conclude virtual learning at 11:30 for parent and teacher conferences. We will continue to use the Zoom platform to conduct these conferences. These conferences are by parent or teacher request. If you would like to request a conference with your child's teacher (s), please contact them directly to set up at time.
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Virtual School - Starting January 4 - January 15

The teachers and staff have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming weeks of remote learning! As our two weeks of remote learning approach; please read through these suggestions and guidelines to aid your child in making a smooth transition.

-Check to make sure that you have all necessary codes/logins before going home for Christmas break on Friday.

-Verify that your student can access Seesaw (K-4) or Google Classroom (5-8) on a device from your home. Devices borrowed from Divine Providence School will be distributed on Friday, December 18th.

-Designate a specific location in your home where your student will "attend school" each day. This could be a desk, the kitchen table, a card table but the same spot each day is best practice.

Guidelines for zoom calls:

-Be on time for zoom calls. Teachers may not be able to admit students to zoom if they are late. Logging on a couple of minutes early is strongly advised.

-Student should remain seated upright while in zoom calls. Absolutely no student should be "Zooming" from their bed.

-No eating during zoom calls.

-Camera must remain on with the student visible during zoom calls.

Thanks for your help in getting your child prepared for remote learning. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Beth Heil

Virtual Learning Coordinator


Virtual School expectations

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How to unpack your ChromeBook

This video will show how to prepare the school ChromeBook for virtual learning January 4-15, 2021.

IMPORTANT - If anyone in your family tests for COVID-19 INCLUDING OVER CHRISTMAS BREAK

If you or a family member in your home is tested for COVID- regardless of the reason for the test- we must know about it and document it. Your child and all siblings in school should stay at home until you receive the result. If a family member is found positive, your child will need to be in quarantine. The quarantine would last 14 days providing the positive person is in isolation. If they break isolation, it is labeled a "complex quarantine" and students will need to be in isolation and quarantine. This is 24 days total. Final decision regarding how long a student must miss school is decided by the Archdiocesan nurse. Her decision is based on the information you provide to us. It is imperative that families be truthful in their position. Our goal is for our students to be learning and growing, whether it is in school or in our virtual school.

The reality is that children may be positive with the slightest of symptoms. Always keep our school in your communication.

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Communication to families about Protocols

From Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent, Office of Catholic Schools

Happy Birthday!

December 20 - Eliana in Kindergarten

December 22 - Roberto in Preschool

December 22 - Abigail in Grade 4

December 27 - Cosette in Kindergarten

December 30 - Taryn in Grade 8

December 31 - Leila in Grade 1

January 2 - Santiago in Grade 5

January 7 - Damari in Junior Kindergarten

Half Birthdays! (These birthdays will take place when we

release for the school year in June!)

June 21 - Carmine in Grade 5

June 22 - Kyle in Grade 3

June 22 - Lillian in Grade 8

June 25 - Sophia in Grade 7

June 29 - Katherine in Kindergarten

June 29 - Gwen in Grade 2

June 29 - David in Grade 8

July 1 - Madison in Kindergarten

July 3 - Matthew in Grade 6

July 3 - Daniel in Grade 8

July 6 - Madison in Junior Kindergarten

July 6 - Natalie in Grade 6

July 7 - Frank in Preschool

Travel Guidance

Per Archdiocese protocol, we ask that you check states that require a 14 day quarantine if you are traveling. To view which states this applies to click here. Please pay special attention that surrounding states are on this list. Please refer to the map below.
Suburban Cook County* Travel Quarantine List

Click here to see the list of states requiring quarantine

Tax Credit Scholarships

Details on what a tax credit scholarship is. See if you qualify or if you are looking to donate

St. Joseph: An Example for All Husbands | Second Week of Advent
Archdiocese of Chicago COVID-19 Case Protocol

The Office of Catholic Schools’ Infection Protocol Guide details the steps required of school administrators

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December Lunch- sorry for the delay!

12/11 - Deep Dish Galaxy Pizza

12/14 - Chicken Tenders

12/15 - Nacho Combo

12/16 - Hot dog

12/17 - Beef and Cheese tacos

12/18 - Sliced turkey with gravy

January Lunch

There are no lunches during virtual learning

January 19 - Breaded Chicken Sandwich

January 20 - Mini Corn Dogs

January 21 - Deep Dish pizza

January 22 - Nacho Combo

January 25 - Chicken tenders

January 26 - Hot dog

January 27 - Deep Dish Pizza

January 28 - Popcorn chicken

January 29 - Classic Hamburger

Calendar changes

We recently have made a few changes to our school calendar. This year, the responsibilities of teachers have drastically increased. The amount of planning time has decreased. For this reason, we are going to begin some early dismissals to allow teachers more time to effectively plan. Dismissal time will be 1:00. Students will have time to eat a snack at school but will not have lunch. Early dismissals will take place on the last Thursday of each month. After care will be available. Students going to after care may bring their own lunch to eat.

2021 Early dismissal dates:

January 28

February 25

March 25

April 29

May 27

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Phone Number for Extended Care (To call or text during extended care hours) 773-682-6196

Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish Bulletin

Click here to see the Sunday Parish bulletin.

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All winter Sports have been canceled/ spring is pending

Important Dates

December 18 - Christmas Break starts at end of day

January 4 -15 - All school remote learning

January 12 - Late start 9 AM

January 15 - Virtual classes until 11:30AM - Parent Teacher Conferences

January 18 - NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King

January 19 - Return to in person learning

January 28 - Early 1:00 Dismissal, no lunch

Divine Providence Staff 2020-2021

Please CLICK HERE for the faculty for 2020-2021

Click on the documents below to view.

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