Jesse Brayden Buhler

What is Malware?

Malware is any kind of software that was created to harm your computer. It can take many different forms and serve many purposes but in the end its ultimate goal is to cause damage to your device.
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What does Malware look like?

Malware comes in different forms-

  • Viruses- Copy themselves from computer to computer, deletes files makes the computer not work how it's supposed to.
  • Trojan Horses- tricks you into downloading it, looks like it's something you want but is actually something that will harm your computer.
  • Spyware- Used to spy on your computer and steal personal information

How can you avoid Malware?

You can avoid Malware through the use of anti virus software that searches and blocks viruses from damaging your computer. You can also use firewalls to prevent programs from connecting to your computer without your permission. You can also just use common sense. Don't go to risky sites and don't click on suspicious links.

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