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March Edition

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Another successful academic year has come to an end. It is amazing to see how our children have progressed this year. We thank you for entrusting your child to us this year. We have enjoyed working with all the children in our care and have seen growth, development and skill acquisition in all the children. We have also witnessed children’s enthusiasm and curiosity while exploring new things. We are really impressed with the extended attention spans of these little ones and strongly believe that this curiosity and enthusiasm will keep growing in the coming years.

We thank you for your support throughout the year. We feel a close partnership with our parents and send you our best wishes. Stay safe and cool this summer!

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The year’s end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment. So many things have been accomplished this year! Out of the whole lot, the most satisfying one is the completion of the preschool segment by our PP2 kids. They all will be gracefully moving into the primary segment to meet more exciting environment of learning.

Along with the celebration, it is important for us to retrospect on our own practices only to make them better. I thank all the parents for filling the survey form. Your feedback will help us in providing better services for your child.

Summary of the Parent Survey

90% of the parents rated us between agree and strongly agree for their satisfaction in the areas of care, friendly atmosphere, infrastructure, and academics. The areas where parents graded us neutral and felt that we need improvement is our menu and the day sheets. We will work on these areas and provide an improved quality.

We will be working on the areas we must improve on.

Stay Cool -- Awesome Summer Drinks For Kids

  • Lemonade: An all-time favorite lemonade is not only refreshing, but also is nutritious. Add to it the fact that it is really simple and quick to make, the choice is really simple. It is also highly versatile as you can easily customize it to meet your taste requirements. Just add chilled water, crushed ice and sugar to a glass with lemon juice and you are all set. For an extra twist, you can add crushed mint as well. Add a pinch of salt if you want it to be a little spicy as kids will relish it tanginess.
  • Frozen Berry Slush: With this recipe, you do not need to add artificial sweeteners as the fruit content of this drink makes it sweet enough. Take a bowl of crushed berries and give them a whish through your food processor. Add a dollop of honey to up its nutritional value. Top it up with a little soda to give it an edgy fizz! Trust us when we say your kids will love it!
  • Apple Soda Recipe: Kids love sodas, but their added sugar content and artificial flavors are not good for their health. Now, you can make your kids’ soda intake healthier with this simple recipe. Take half a glass of apple juice and top it up with plain, non-sugared soda. Add crushed ice for refreshing chilly factor. The drink is not only tasty for kids, but is healthy too.
  • Banana Melon Shake: this drink is full of taste, nutrients and is filling at the same time. The ingredients are simple and easily available. Cube your melons and bananas. Put them in a food processor and add half a cup of milk and yogurt each to make two glasses of refreshing banana melon shake. You can add chunks of fruits to give it more crunchy texture and fiber for nutritional well being of children.
  • Mixed Fruit Smoothie: if you have a bunch of kids to feed and a couple of fruits lying around then you are ready for this recipe. Cut small pieces of assorted fruits such as banana, mango, apricots, and papaya. Spin them together in the food processor with yogurt. And, Voila the drink is ready! Yes, it is as simple as that! It is naturally sweetened with all the fruits it contains. However, you can give it a spritz of honey for additional nutrition and flavor to tempt kids.
  • Watermelon Cooler: this drink has sparkly red color, thanks to watermelon, which can easily entice children to keep up with their hydration level. For this easy drink, you need ideally frozen cubes of watermelon. Otherwise, fresh watermelon will suffice too. Liquefy watermelon and add it to ginger ale for an interesting twist. Serve with crushed ice for that refreshing kick.
  • Quick Cream Slushies: This high calorie drink is just the right kind of thing if you want to give an energy boost to your kids. It contains the nourishment of fruits and power of half and half. Cut mango, banana and apple in small size chunks. Make a mix of half a cup of whipping cream and Half cup of each fruit. Put all the ingredients in a blender. Put some crushed ice in a tall glass. Next pour in the blended mixture and serve. Kids will love its creamy, tasty delight.
  • Aam Panna: Kids love mangoes, then why not turn it into a tasty, chilled treat. This recipe makes good use of raw mangoes, which need to be pressure cooked. Once done, peel them and remove the pulp. Mix pulp with a little sugar and salt. Add a little cumin seed and blend the mixture in a food processor. Serve over crushed ice. Children will love its sweet-salty taste. You can use honey instead of regular sugar to make it extra healthy.
  • Lassi: There is no drink that can beat a long glass of chilled Lassi on a hot summer day. And Lassi is so simple to make! Just whisk together some yoghurt with salt or sugar. If you want to make it more interesting, throw in a fruit of your choice. Nutritious and simply yummilicious!

Source: https://parentinghealthybabies.com

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OUR 2016-17 BATCH

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Highlights Of The Month

Theme Of the Month

During the months of February and March, our kids explored Africa and Australia. They travelled through the rainforests of Africa studied about different wild animals and birds. They know how the African tribes dress. They made jewellery resembling the tribal jewellery using beads and disposable paper plates. They took pride in wearing them and moving around. Another interesting activity children enjoyed is making a tribal mask. Kids showcased their creativity by colouring the mask in different patterns. Our kids enjoyed knowing about the marsupials and the native Australian birds Ostrich and Emu. Our kids pretended to do the adventure sports like scuba diving and ocean water surfing and had a blast with it. They loved knowing about the underwater world and they beautifully connected it to the movie: Finding Nemo.

Overall, it was a beautiful journey this year with the theme AROUND THE WORLD.

Pajama Party

The most awaited event of the year for parents is ........ 'The Pajama Party'. Now, it has become the most awaited event for the kids as well! An evening out at school where there are no limits for fun. Of course, it had to become the favourite event. Children came together for an evening to enjoy playing with their beloved teachers and dear friends, and an evening out for the parents to relax and rejuvenate with their favourite thing to do..watch a movie or dine at their favourite restaurant. Both were made possible with one single event, ‘The Pajama Party’. Kids had a gala time at school playing different fun activities, eating food they like, disco dancing, bonfire etc. They were all super excited about the party and keep asking for more even now.

Holi Celebration

The joy of celebrating Holi is drenching oneself in colours. Our kids were excited to make natural colours with beetroot, spinach and turmeric and play Holi with their friends. They had a full filled Holi applying colours to their friends and teachers. The pichkaris and water balloons added their share of excitement into the mix. The most entertaining part for us was to see the young ones applying colours to themselves…. Such an innocent play.

Family Fun Day

Having breaks in the busy life and coming together as a family to relax, chill and have some fun is very important. We believe Sproutz is one big family and we wanted to bring our family together for our Family Fun Day. It was an opportunity for all of us to meet, greet, get to know and have fun with Sproutz family. Parents and kids alike had fun playing the games and pushing themselves to their limits for the prizes! It was sweet to watch the daddies and mommies carry their little babies and stand on their toes and balance on the itty bitty paper. It was fun to watch the fathers get their nails "painted" with all the funky nail colours! And the list goes on... Oh, what fun! Thanks to all our family members for taking time and joining us in the fun.

Student Led Conference

Yet another opportunity for the parents to experience the kid's learning in the form of the student-led conference for semester 2. Our kids showcased immense confidence in presenting their knowledge and skills and awestruck their parents.

Graduation Day

We had the first Graduation Day of our school. Kids looked so elegant and confident in their graduation gowns and hats. It was a proud moment for all of us to see our first batch of students moving to primary segment. We wish them all the best.

Professional Development Programs

Keep learning and keep going is the motto of Sproutzies! During this quarter we attended a number of workshops to enhance our skills in early childhood education.

Some of which are:

Importance of Rhymes, Storytelling and Pretend play for young learners

Workshop on Perceive Their Perception

Art & Science of Teaching In Early Years

We have already noticed some of the learnings from these workshops being incorporated by teachers and translated into somethings children had been demonstrating.

We will continue with lot more professional development this summer and make it, even more, easier for our children to play, learn and grow next year.

Annual Calendar 2017-18


Kindly check the calendar for the holidays and events and plan your vacation and programs accordingly. Because .....

Parent Involvement Matters!

Rest... Relax... Enjoy ....

Have A Wonderful Summer