Behavior Doctor Seminars

Looking for Interventions for Challenging Behavior?

Dr. Laura Riffel, Director of Behavior Doctor Seminars:

has presentations on classroom management strategies, functional behavior assessment, behavioral intervention planning, tiered interventions and systems of support, autism, ADHD, and more. Check out to see suggestions for a professional development for your group.

Her Presentations Are Engaging!

"Nobody wants to give up a Saturday near the end of a hectic school year to attend another training on how to deal with disruptions in the classroom, however, I cannot stress enough how beneficial Dr. Riffel’s training was for me professionally. Her upbeat seminar was both honest and engaging, you could feel the love and picture yourself in many of her scenarios. Having a speaker that has lived through some of the nightmares we deal with on a daily basis was energizing, and the tools she delivered were things we all can do to make our classroom an energizing learning zone.

This is a must for any teacher that has a student who needs that extra bit of encouragement to become the best person they can be, and any teacher that needs some new tricks for their bag."