"Romeo Blue"

By: Phoebe Stone


Felicity's parents don't tell her much. So when Felicity has been here for a year with the Bathburn's she has grown to love them more than she thought she would. When she finally meets Derek, the boy the Bathburn's have adopted, she starts questioning why they have adopted him. Why her parents left her here and what her parents are doing. She also learns what the the Romeo and Juliet code is and finally understands everything even why they adopted Derek. She learns unexpected things, some of which she'd rather not know. When she still hears late night conversations between Uncle Gideon, Aunt Miami, and " The Gram", and reads the letters from her father, all Felicity can do is wonder. Will her parents come back for her soon? Will they ever come back? And what are in the mysterious letters her father wrote that she can't understand?


No matter how much people doubt and wonder if things will actually happen, or if their dreams will come true, there is still hope that it will happen and their dream will come true. For example Felicity wants her parents to come back for her and take her home safely. She could have given up on her dream and doubted it would happen, but she didn't. She stayed hopeful and always new her parents would come back.

Historical Person-Nicholas Winton

Nicholas Winton went to Czechoslovakia to visit someone he knew and ended up saving the lives of many Jewish children. The first transportation of kids was on March 14, 1939. The last trainload of people left Prague on August 2, 1939. He sent 664 children to Great Britain on transports that he organized, according to a scrapbook he kept. When a documentary called "The Power of Good: Nicholas Winton" was aired on Czech television in 2002 researchers identified five additional people who entered Great Britain making the official number 669.

Book Event to Actual Event

Felicity's parents were government agents who helped thousands of kids escape from their countries. They helped many Jewish children escape the Germans that were after them. They had to leave their own daughter in America so they knew she would stay safe. It took them two years to get all these kids out of Germany. Her parents also went around Europe saving kids from France or Switzerland as well as Germany.


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