The Processes of Rocks

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The process of weathering is to wear away or change the appearance or texture of a rock over time.

There are three types of weathering:

Physical weathering is the temperature change in rocks causing them to break down. A sedimentary rock goes through the freeze-thaw process and during the day breaks straight down the middle.

Chemical weathering is the breaking down of rocks by a chemical reaction. An igneous rock goes through the carbonation process.

Biological weathering is the breaking down of rocks by plants, animals, and other organisms. A tree grows through a metamorphic rock over time.


Erosion is the process of moving broken down sediments to other places.

Two landforms that have been formed through erosion are the waterfall carrying sediments in Admiralty Inlet in Canada and the Grand Canyon.


Deposition is the laying down of sediments.

Two landforms that were formed by or form deposition are the Newton Clark moraine, a moraine in the western greenland, and a glacial moraine.

Soil Composition

Soil composition is made up of inorganic matter, organic matter, water, and air.
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How is Soil Used?

Soil lets plants grow, allows gas exchanges to happen between the land and air, provides habitat for most of the organisms on Earth, holds and cleans water, recycles nutrients, and is used for constructing structures like buildings and roadbeds.

Soil is important in North Carolina because it is used for many of the things listed above, and especially farming!

What type of Soil is Found in North Carolina?

Cecil soil- type of deep, well-drained soil found on the slopes and ridges of the Piedmont region.

organic soil-typical in wetland areas such as marshes, swamps and bogs. Organic soils form in areas where high rainfall and poor drainage allow organic matter to collect over time.

sandhill soil- loose, gray sandy soil, commonly found in the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina.

One Method to Conserving Soil

Contour Plowing- method of plowing furrows that follow the curves of the land rather than straight up and down slopes.
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Erosion, Deposition, Weathering

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