Southwest Early Childhood Center

2015 National School of Character

Southwest Early Childhood Center

Mission: "With character and knowledge every child will have the tools to be successful."


  • End of the Year Celebration! Our end of the year party will be the Cardinal game. We will be renting a BUS as long as we have enough people going so that no one has to drive up there and back. The FREE CARDINAL TICKETS are for anyone who wants to go...or at least until they last for Tuesday, May 17th. The game starts at 7:15 and yes we do have school the next day but I think this will be a lot of fun for us to just go and let loose/have fun! Email Langston by MONDAY if you want a spot reserved!

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Brenda Proebsting's Retirement Info

Brenda's retirement party will begin at Ria's on May 19th at 1:00. It will be from 1-2. In order to compensate for drive time as we are required to work a full day on the last day of school, you will need to come in 30 minutes early or stay later 30 minutes. Every leaving the building for lunch or attending Brenda's retirement celebration will need to sign out and back at the secretary's desk.

Technology Corner

Here is another sheet with step by step directions on how to access information in Google. This one is a step by step guide to accessing Google calendar and linking the calendar to your phone or iPad. (Click here for the Google calendar help guide) Everyone should have access to the Tech Tips folder (click here to access the tech tips folder). If you cannot access the folder please let me know. I hope to make it a resource everyone can use. If there are any things you find difficult or think new staff will need help with just email Tracey B. so I can get a step by step guide created. I am planning on printing them to provide everyone with at the beginning of the school year next year to help everyone find everything they need more easily.


  • Gresham for keeping her composure with a student who talked back and refused to comply with her request. She make the time to walk him through his choices and his actions, helped review the rules and expectations for outside and overall was very calm and relaxed during the whole thing! Way to go! ~Lisa D

Staff APPRECIATION WEEK Thank you!!!!

I think we had an AMAZING staff appreciation week! Please take time to tell our Cubbie PTO how much you appreciated everything and maybe even point out the things you know involved a lot of planning and time. The email address to do this is

Conscious Discipline:

"If you don't tie your showlaces, you may trip. If a child repeatedly teats his friends poorly, he may find himself friendless. With natural consequences, nothing is prearranged. The consequences a child experiences are directly related to the child's choice of behavior." ~Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D.

A note from Tier I PBIS...

"Unless students are returning next year and/or you're tracking ongoing behavior issues with particular, students, you do NOT need to fill out minor referrals for the month of May."