Bengal Cats

By: Kamryn Hatch

About Bengals

Bengal Cats are soft and Sweet and have a look that shines with glitter when in light, and are very smart and easy to train. They aren't hypo-allergenic but people allergic to cats don't have a reaction to Bengal cats so almost anyone can have a Bengal cat. Something that might bother people is that they meow loud and often, but i think you could get over that because of there cuteness and loyalty to their owners.

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Interesting Facts

Something weird about Bengal cats is that they love water, so beware cause they might jump into the sink if you leave the water on. Also they are great jumpers and can learn dog tricks so that means you could teach them how to play dead so you can trick your friends, but if you have dogs slowly introduce them because they might be a little scared. If you do have another furry friend beware of their toys because Bengals like to steal stuff.

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