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Illuminati working with the lizard people?

Reports from all around the world have been telling us here at RC that the Illuminati intends to work with the lizard people of the British royal family to form a New World Order. This can not happen because as we all know when the New World Order take's over they will invite the Aliens from planet X to take over the Earth! We at RC call all our loyal viewers and listeners to fight against the NWO. go to the cities and fight even if it's the first time you leave your farm.
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UFO seen in Nevada, Area 51 working with aliens?

This picture is from Area 51 in Nevada, a object can clearly been seen that looks like a alien spaceship! Our expert on UFO's James Fraud told us that there can be no doubt about this being a alien spacecraft, he also said that this was clearly a spacecraft from planet X who's aliens want to take over the Earth.

Area 51 gather up

Saturday, Jan. 31st, 6pm

Area 51. Nevada

Join us at Radio Conspiracy in a gather to protest the aliens that reside within Area 51. Free hotdogs and ballons will be given to everyone that joins, remember to bring the family!
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Queen Elizabeth's old age due to her being a member of the lizard race?

The British queen will become 89 years old next April, could her old age be due to her being a lizard? Many experts agree that she is infact a lizard! Our in house expert on lizard people Bubba Junior said that denying the evidence that reveal her lizard nature is crazy.
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Invasion from Planet X coming in the next 10 years!

Our reports tell us that Planet X will be in range of Earth in 2016, a invasion from the aliens that live there will surely follow. Don't believe the fraud scientist at NASA when they tell us there is no Planet X, we know better and we will be ready when the invasion comes!