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CDT Updates: New Test Monitoring Tool

The 2021-2022 Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDT) administration will begin August 16, 2021.

The DRC INSIGHT Portal will be available for Test Setup on August 9 to begin the following activities in preparation for testing:

  • Assessment coordinators can manage student, teacher, and student-group data. (As a reminder, all student and teacher data will need to be uploaded into the Portal via CSV file.)
  • Test Coordinators and Teachers can create test sessions.

The DRC INSIGHT Portal User Guide can be found in My Applications > General Information > Documents.

The at-home testing option will remain available to allow students to access the CDT from a “public” browser without having the test engine installed on their computers or being configured to the district’s Central Office Service – Service Device(s).

NEW: The Test Monitoring Application will now be available for use on the CDT only. This application allows teachers to securely monitor students’ testing status and progress near real-time. More details on how to set up and manage students using Test Monitoring can be found in the DRC INSIGHT Test Monitoring Training presentation. This presentation includes a training video and step-by-step process to set up test monitoring.

In addition, a tech bulletin has been created to provide important information regarding the use of the Test Monitoring Application. The tech bulletin and the training presentation for the Test Monitoring Application can be found on the DRC INSIGHT Portal and through Quick Links within the CDT Interactive Reporting.

The CDT Interactive Report Training Guide can also be found on the DRC INSIGHT Portal. This training guide provides general information regarding the CDT, at-home testing, and the NEW Test Monitoring Application, and provides general navigation within the CDT interactive reports.

If your LEA is not currently utilizing Classroom Diagnostic Tools and is interested in administering the CDTs, please contact DRC Customer Service team via email,, or by phone at 1-888-551-6935.

This summer we launched a new series to provide featured presentations about instructional technology in a format to fit your schedule. Talking EdTech with MCIU will feature demos, reviews, and conversations with top EdTech products about the importance of technology in today's educational landscape. Our first three episodes are featured below with more on the way from Newsela, Learning A-Z, Smore, and SeeSaw this fall.

Consortium Partnership Updates

MCIU Partnerships

Our Strategic Partnership and Consortium Pricing Program is designed to align with vendors that will benefit MCIU and our constituent school districts, schools, and students as well as enhance our Strategic Partners’ reach into education. For a full list of partner and consortium opportunities, please visit

Learning A-Z PD Offering

FREE PD is available to support all MCIU consortium purchases. Whether you are a new to our bundled savings or a long-time renewal, please contact Brandon Langer for more details about how to access PD support for your teachers this school year.

See our bundle purchase options here:

Save up to 75% on Smore Pro Accounts

Smore is an interactive newsletter, flyer, poster, that can be embedded within your classroom website and/or sent directly to parents. It can also be printed, sent home with students, and/or posted on bulletin boards. Smore newsletters can also be kept as documentation of parent communication. Contact Brandon Langer for more information.
Welcome to the Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP)

Ready for the 21-22 School Year

MVP continues to see expansion and growth with new and existing MVP partners. As districts look to meet their ongoing needs for virtual learning, MVP offers a complete K-12+ platform. Beginning this summer, MVP now features a centralized student dashboard and district reporting, single sign-on, MVP Recess, and a one-stop-shop registration process.

Need More Info?

Please contact me if you have any questions about any of our instructional technology partnerships, MVP, or other EdTech inquiries.