African History

Minkyung Oh

Colonization Map

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Africa map after the European countries partitioned the Africa in Berlin Conference (1884 - 1885).

21st Century Africa Graph

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African Independence Quiz

1. When did the Pan African Movement started?

A: Late 1800's to early 1900's

2. What is the Pan Africanism?

A: The idea that there is a global African community made up of native Africans and the descents of African slaves and migrants across the world.

3. What is the nationalist movement?

A: Movements that seek independence for the people living in the country.

4. What year did the Nigeria gained its independence?

A: 1960

5. Did Nigeria had to fight Great Britain for its independence?

A: No

6. What was the name of the group in the Kenya that fought against the British?

A: Mau Mau

7. Who was the Kenyan president elected in 1963?

A: Jomo Kenyatta

8. When did the Apartheid established in the South Africa?

A: 1948

9. How did the people in South Africa resisted Apartheid?

A: In non violent demonstration

10. Who ended the Apartheid in the South Africa?

A: F.W. De Klerk

Apartheid in South Africa Timeline